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MP3+G is a popular file format for karaoke songs used by most of the professional karaoke companies around the world and is supported by most modern karaoke players and media jukeboxes designed for karaoke. Now we will take a closer look at this karaoke format and share some information about it with you.

MP3G Downloads - MP3+G DownloadsMP3+G / MP3G DOWNLOADS FOR KARAOKE

KaraokeDownloads.tv offers access to a large library of karaoke songs in the MP3+G format that can be purchased online and played on your computer using special karaoke player software. You can purchase and download MP3+G songs from the karaoke downloads store.


The MP3+G file format (often referred to online as mp3g) was invented by a company called TriceraSoft who developed the idea that saw people adopting it in the year1998.

The MP3+G karaoke file format consists of two files. The music file is a standard MP3 audio file that can be played on almost any digital music media player in existence. The video file contains video information which usually displays the lyrics and other information about the song such as the credits and information for the singer. The advantage of using mp3g files is the compressed of the audio can often take up less space than a larger video file that contains the audio and video information in one file. This means the mp3g file will often be smaller than other karaoke video file formats so you can fit more songs on your karaoke player.

When you buy and download karaoke songs sold in the MP3+G format you will usually receive them as a compressed ZIP file. This ZIP file contains the audio file and the video file. Some karaoke players will read ZIP files directory but it is highly recommended that you uncompressed the ZIP file and place both files in the same folder on your computer or karaoke player to increase the performance of your system.

The correct way to type this karaoke file format is "MP3+G". Sometimes software related to websites will not allow the plus sign (+) in website page names which is why we also refer to it as mp3g on this website. We have also observed a lot of discussion using the term mp3g so we also mention it here to clarify we are talking about the same thing (MP3G = MP3+G).

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