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Karaoke player software will let you sing to the songs you love using your desktop or laptop computer. We will show you some karaoke player software that can be used at home or at a karaoke party to host your karaoke night.

Karaoke Player Software - JustKaraokeKaraoke Player Software JustKaraoke Review

Are you new to karaoke and hesitant to buy an expensive karaoke system just to give karaoke a try? We understand which is why we recommend the karaoke player software called JustKaraoke. This is a cost effective solution that will run right on your home computer and is easy to learn for beginners and pros. JustKaraoke is also for the seasoned karaoke enthusiast who wants to use their computer for hosting a karaoke party night.

Standout Features of JustKaraoke

The software will run on any windows computer that meets the software requirements so your home computer can be used to host a karaoke party and have fun singing with friends, family or associates.

A feature that comes in handy for hosting karaoke parties is the support for multiple monitors so your singers can see the video clip separately on one monitor while your KJ can see the back end song management system and playlist. For those of you with only one computer monitor there is and option of viewing the playback window in full screen mode during playback.

Keeping things organized is made easier using the JsustKaraoke player software. You can import the karaoke songs already on your computer into the software and add them to the playlist. Each song added to the playlist can be associated with the singer who requested it assisting you to run a smoother event when there are a lot of people wanting a turn of the mic.

JustKaraoke will allow you to modify the background displayed between songs so if you have your own logo you can have that displayed in replace of the JustKaraoke screen giving your karaoke event an extra bit of uniqueness in the on screen visuals. You could use this feature to promote an upcoming event or place a special greeting message on the screen if the event is for a special occasion such as a birthday.

JustKaraoke is a great karaoke player solution for the home and small karaoke event that will run on a windows computer and is easy to learn for beginners and pros.


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Note: JustKaraoke can play MP3+G karaoke files which can be purchased from the karaoke downloads store at KaraokeDownloads.tv.

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