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Converting karaoke files from one format to another is sometimes the easiest way to get the songs you want to sing playing on your karaoke player. You can also use your own photos an videos to add extra excitement to your purchased MP3+G karaoke songs. In this article we will explain the process of converting MP3+G files to MPEG (.mpg) file.

Converting Karaoke Files from MP3+G to MPEG

First of all I want to point out that license of most karaoke songs will only allow for the use of one instance of each song so if you convert a file to another format then the original file should be used only as a backup and not used in your karaoke player along side the converted file. You should verify the license agreement regarding each file you want to convert.

MP3+G karaoke songs contain two files. One file is the mp3 music and the other contains the worlds. There are some cases when converting a karaoke song from MP3+G to a video format may be needed if your karaoke player does not support the MP3+G file format or you wish to add your own images or video to the background of the music. You may also decide to convert a karaoke song to another format to add effects and other features supported by different formats.

So how is this done? There are a number of software packages to help achieve this. The one that I see getting mentioned frequently in karaoke forums is called "Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter" by Power Karaoke. This will convert your MP3+G files into a video file. You can also include a background image or video that will play behind the song words. There are a few effects that can be added too such as a border around the letters and a gradient effect on the words.


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