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Pages and articles about karaoke downloads and the karaoke download store here at KaraokeDownloads.tv.

You can buy karaoke downloads with PayPal here at KaraokeDownloads.tv and we will show you how.

Buy Karaoke Downloads With PayPal

Before you begin we suggest you register for an account so you can buy download credits and get a discount on bulk purchases using your PayPal account..

When shopping at karaoke downloads.tv you will add songs to your cart by clicking on the shopping cart image to the left of the song name. Towards the top right of the screen your shopping cart information will show how many items you have added to your cart. When you are ready to purchase the songs you can simply click on the checkout button.

If you are taken to a screen asking you to buy credits you will need to click on the add credits button towards the top of the screen. You can buy credit packs using PayPal by clicking the buy now button under the PayPal heading.

Complete the order by entering your PayPal details. After your payment has been accepted you will be taken to the download page for the songs you purchased. You will also be sent an email with the download information.

Now download the karaoke songs and enjoy singing them in your computer or karaoke player.

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